COVID-19 Information


When In Trent Hills ...

Be a good guest

Trent Hills welcomes visitors and is committed to being a good host. To make people feel comfortable businesses have modified their operations to provide a safe environment for both customers and staff. Visitors, whether here for a day or a staycation, are asked to do their part to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It starts by staying home when feeling sick. If showing symptoms of the coronavirus, self-isolate immediately and call 8-1-1 for advice and to arrange for testing. Ontario’s guidelines on travel are available here.

Make a plan

Many businesses have re-opened in Trent Hills but they’ve had to make adjustments, such as reducing their hours of operation or limiting the number of people inside. All customers must wear masks. Rather than be taken by surprise after your arrival do a bit of research beforehand by visiting websites, going on social media or calling the businesses you plan to visit. If you’re intending to stay more than one day find out what the refund and cancellation policies are at places where reservations are accepted.

Keep groups small

Large family outings are a no-no right now, but small groups can still travel safely so long as members maintain proper distancing when dining at restaurants, exploring trails, visiting attractions or shopping at stores.

Be prepared

Individuals going on a trip should pack a safety kit that includes soap, masks and gloves. Taking along toilet paper would be a wise choice as well.

Keep your distance

Staying 2 metres (6 feet) apart is the easiest way to stay safe. If physical distancing isn’t possible, wear a mask when entering a commercial establishment. If you are exempt from wearing a mask be sure to check with the business what their policy is in such circumstances.

Keep hands clean

Wash your hands often with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds at a time. If water and soap aren’t available, use hand sanitizer, which many businesses have set out near the entrance. Try to limit touching your face at all times.

When going outdoors

Trent Hills has many parks and trails for exploring nature. The first principle of walking is leave no trace behind, so people who come later will enjoy as much as you did spaces that are clean and safe.

Be respectful

The world’s a different place now and longer wait times are part of the new reality. Safety protocols are now a fact of life for businesses. All they ask of their customers is that they be patient and understand any inconvenience they experience is intended to keep them and the people who serve them safe.

Show loyalty

Businesses in Trent Hills need your support more than ever and they’re making an extra effort to keep their customers happy. Click here for a list of businesses open in the area…