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Old Mill Park Kayaking rents single Clearwater kayaks to paddle the Trent-Severn Waterway between locks 11/12 and 13 in Campbellford. The rental season starts the fourth Saturday in June (water levels permitting) and ends in September.

The MUSKOKA kayak has 275 lbs. capacity and is a recreational-day touring crossover kayak. It is stable and compact like a recreational kayak but fast and sleek like a touring model. The cockpit area is very spacious offering lots of leg room. The Muskoka is a great choice if you are looking for something sporty, small and light. The Muskoka will NOT come with a rudder STANDARD FEATURES - padded seat with pump up lumbar support - adjustable footstops - minicell foam bulkhead - 2 storage compartments - integrated paddle rest - deck rigging - self rescue straps - carry handles.

The $35 rental fee includes:

  1. 90-minute rental of single kayak
  2. Fully accessible kayak launch,
  3. PFDs (Personal Flotation Device or lifejacket), paddles and marine safety kit
  4. Information package with safety guidelines, rules and regulations
  5. Storage locker for personal items
  6. Washroom facilities on-site. Showers available for $5 plus HST per person (bring your own towels).

Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time to complete the waiver of liability, rental agreement and required safety training.

A $100 deposit is required to cover any damage, loss of accessories, late returns, or towing back to the launch (if required). Deposit made at time of registration on-site.

Cancellation policy:

    • Full refund if we determine bad weather
    • 24 hours' advance notice during peak time (June 22 - August 1) - full refund or a rescheduled date
    • Less than 24 hours' notice - NO refund but opportunity to reschedule depending on availability

Participant Rules and Regulations:

  1. Must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Must complete a waiver of liability and kayak rental agreement form, signed in person prior to rental.
  3. Must have kayak paddling experience, be able to swim, and have no medical conditions that would hinder swimming to shore*.
  4. Must review the safety rules, procedures and tips prior to rental.
  5. Must be knowledgeable about the basic safety rules for kayaking.
  6. Must wear a PFD and whistle at all times.
  7. Alcohol or cannabis use prohibited for duration of rental. Avoid alcohol or cannabis use prior to kayaking.
  8. Only the participant that has rented the equipment is permitted to use the equipment. No pets or children are allowed on the equipment.
  9. If rental attendant has safety concerns and blows whistle three times, you must return to kayak dock. If you fail to return to the dock you will be charged the deposit fee.
  10. If you are unable to return to the dock, and it is NOT an emergency situation, you will be charged the deposit fee for a tow back to the dock.
  11. If Old Mill Park Kayak Rentals deems it unsafe to launch, a full refund will be issued, or another mutually agreed upon date will be provided.
  12. Participant will ensure that their weight does not exceed the maximum weight specifications for the kayak they are renting. Link to kayak specifications:

*If you are not sure you know how to paddle – DON’T GO. A full refund for the rental will be provided if you change your mind. Remember: when renting a kayak, you are confirming that you know how to paddle.

Safe Paddlers Certificate: We highly recommend taking the online FREE Paddle Sports Safety Course: https://www.boaterexam.com/paddling/canada/

Safety Rules in Brief

  1. Know before you go: understand all rules and have knowledge sufficient to be safe in and on the water.
  2. Wear a PFD & whistle at all times. Carry a Marine Safety Kit (included with rental).
  3. Do not paddle south of the Old Mill Park Kayak Rentals launch (you will be charged the $100 deposit fee).
  4. Stay clear of the lock entrance and do not go through a lock (you will be charged the $100 deposit fee).
  5. Tell someone where you are going, when you’ll be back, and take your phone.
  6. Paddle with a partner, if possible, and stay close to shore.
  7. Know waterway conditions, such as weather, currents, wind direction, and undertows.
  8. Watch for changing conditions. Hear thunder? Get off the water. Emergency? Call 911. Use your whistle.

Learn more from the "Kayaking Safety" sheet included with your reservation confirmation.

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