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The Un4gettable Destination

Top Things to Do.

Hastings Waterway John Cooper

Campbellford Ontario

A diverse retail community with clothing boutiques, gift shops, antiques, groceries, personal needs, furniture shops and more, enhanced by great one-of-a-kind eateries.

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Warkworth Art In the Park

Festivals & Events

The Un4gettable Destination Trent Hills is home to many exciting festivals and events every year, enriching our community and attracting visitors to the beautiful communities

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Arts & Entertainment

The Un4gettable Destination The talent in Trent Hills is amazing – original studio pottery, blown glass, whimsical art, exquisite jewellery and superb paintings at galleries,

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Locally Grown or Produced

The Un4gettable Destination Trent Hills is your un4gettable food destination. Take the self guided Flavour Break Tour and purchase beer, cheese, chocolate, local produce, butter

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Fishing in Trent Hills ONtarioFamily Fishing on the Trent-Severn Waterway, Village of Hastings in Trent Hills, Ontario


More than 10 species of fish are found among the Trent Hills fishing areas.

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All Things to Do in Trent Hills.

Drive through the countryside of Trent Hills

Relaxing Retreat

A relaxing getaway in Trent Hills is exactly what you need to get away from it all. Explore nature and the great outdoors, in solitude

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Girls cycling along the Rotary Trail along the Trent Severn Waterway in Campbellford Trent Hills Ontario

Family Vacation

Plan to spend the week in Trent Hills for your family vacation this year. You won’t be disappointed. Spend the week at a cottage, where

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Crowe River, Campbellford, Trent Hills, Ontario


Swimming locations With all of the water we have flowing through Trent Hills, there are many different places to cool off in the summer months.

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