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Campbellford Trail Town Trivia answers

Bridges of Campbellford Trivia Card – available at The Style House, 30 Front St. N., Campbellford

Q: In what year was the Campbellford bridge converted to accommodate boat traffic on the Trent-Severn Waterway?

A: 1924

In 1855, G.W. Ranney received £550 to build a wooden bridge to replace the Seymour bridge.  This bridge was almost lost in March of 1870 when a seven day uninterrupted snowfall followed by several warm days made the river a raging torrent.  All that saved the bridge was the courageous effort of citizens weighing it down with boulders.

Campbellford Then & Now Postcard – available at Kerr’s Corner Books and Frogs Whiskers Ink, 39 Bridge St. E., Campbellford

Q: In what year was the Toonie monument, located at Old Mill Park, constructed?

A: 2001

The first woollen mill on the site of Old Mill Park was operated by Samuel Mirfield.  This firm was purchased by Trent Valley Woollen Mills, run by the Gaults of Montreal.  When Hamilton Gault withdrew from the firm in 1921, the mill became the Campbellford Cloth Company, owned by a Toronto firm.  For many years, this firm was the town’s biggest employer.

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