Warkworth Long Lunch – August 20, 2017

warkworth long lunch

Warkworth Long Lunch

August 20, 2017 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Main Street, Warkworth, Ontario


The 14th Annual Warkworth Long Lunch has a new and exciting twist! With the popularity of Food Truck events, the Warkworth Business Association Long Lunch event Chair has transformed a vision into reality and is bringing one to the village! Fabulous food trucks combined with great entertainment by the Long Lunch Rhythm Band, the return of the popular tiny vintage trailers, a beer garden, the signature Long Lunch feature of tables lined down the Main Street and all the friendly folks will make it another day to remember. You won’t need tickets, just a $2 entrance fee and then you purchase your food from your vendor of choice.
Bestia, Toronto’s first truck with an on-board, wood burning oven. The all-black roaming Italian kitchen is a beast when it comes to serving up personal sized, Naples-style pizzas along with rustic roasted meat sandwiches, salads and sweet specialties.

Tdots Naansense, a Toronto-based food truck created by the catering company H&H sachet. They are diversifying flavour and bringing Indian cuisine to the streets. Indulge in unique dishes like slowed cooked butter chicken, chili lime crab cakes and fried butter chicken mac and cheese.

The Great Canadian Food Truck, a Markham-based truck specializing in home-style Canadian comfort foods. Menu items include peameal bacon grilled cheese sandwiches, poutine, Atlantic cod tacos and crispy mashed potato and cheese balls smothered in gravy which they call Mooseballs.

Gourmet Gringos, Mexican Grill, features delicious and fresh choices of your Mexican favorites like burritos, tacos and more.

The very first Craft Brewery Beer Garden featuring the amazing brews of Wild Card Brewery of Trenton. Some of the awesome beers include The Flop – blonde ale; Ride the Brake – IPA; Saved by the Dunk – German red ale; Cali Love – West Coast Blonde; Notoriously Juicy – New England Pale Ale.

Continuing with the newest tradition is Girl Camp Canada and their amazing vintage mini-trailers. Each is unique and the owners/vendors offer a range of vintage and curio items. Also, stop by the East Street Market: a one-day vendor market, held in the cow palace on the Fair Grounds, featuring local artists and vendors offering food, curio’s and other items. A fantastic day of food, fun and family.

Early in the day, many Warkworth volunteers will be out blocking off the street, setting up the tables and chairs, decorating and all manner of preparations. The food trucks and tiny vintage trailers will be setting up and the musicians will be tuning their instruments. Shopkeepers will be preparing their stores to be ready for our visitors. The air will be filled with anticipation as the 14th Annual Long Lunch draws near.
The Warkworth Long Lunch is a midsummer’s party to share each other’s company across the table. It’s clear and simple. The Long Lunch derives its name from the vision of its founders. Tables set end to end down the middle of one of the nicest main streets in small town Ontario. We welcome you to join us for this celebration.

Warkworth Long Lunch


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