Butter Tart Trail

Dripping butter tart in a hand from Dooher's Bakery in Campbellford Trent Hills Ontario

Butter Tart Tour

Four locations on the Kawarthas Northumberland Butter Tart Tour are located in Trent Hills. We recommend you pre-order tarts before arriving to avoid disappointment. You can follow the tour by car or by boat!

  • Pizza by the Bakery has won several awards for its rustic butter tart with a little hint of citrus. They’ve nailed the perfect combination for those that like it just a little bit runny.
  • Grandma’s recipe scores high marks at Bridgewater Café, ooey gooey sweetness paired with a butter crust that melts in your mouth.
  • Of course, Canada’s Sweetest Bakery, Dooher’s, is on the Tour with their time-honoured recipe created by Grandpa Dooher. Ideal for those that like a little firmness to their butter tart.
  • Enjoy a lovely butter tart dessert at Antonia’s Bistro. The maple flavour shines through in their tart, making it a perfect ending to your meal.

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