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Campbellford Suspension Bridge

Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge, Campbellford

The Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge is open daily year round. Located within Ferris Provincial Park, it is a great destination for an easy hike and picturesque views. This family-oriented, natural adventure hovers 30′ above the Ranney Gorge just south of the falls. As you make your way across the 300-foot-long bridge, you will feel it sway slightly below your feet. Located right beside locks 11 & 12 at the south end of Campbellford, the Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge is on the Trans Canada Trail and within easy walking distance from the locks and into downtown Campbellford. LEARN MORE

Pisces Pete, Hastings

Address: 3 Dit Clapper Drive, Hastings

Hastings Pisces Park features Pisces Pete, a giant fish sculpture that marks the significance of fishing in Hastings. Pisces Pete is a Walleye that measures 12 feet long and stands 12 feet tall, crafted in stainless steel. The designer, Canadian artist Bill Lishman, chose the species as it represents the most popular for local fishermen and is considered by many to be the best game fish in Ontario. LEARN MORE

Trent-Severn Waterway 

The Trent-Severn Waterway is a remarkable feat of engineering that spans almost 400 kilometers, connecting two of Ontario’s great bodies of water. Managed by Parks Canada, this National Historic Site of Canada is more than just a canal. It encompasses a diverse range of natural lakes and rivers, offering visitors stunning views of limestone gorges and the iconic Canadian Shield. While less than 60km of the waterway is man-made canals, the remaining areas are home to some of the best multi-species fishing in all of Ontario, as well as over a dozen provincial parks and several unique conservation areas. With its rich history, natural beauty, and recreational opportunities, the Trent-Severn Waterway is a must-visit destination. LEARN MORE

Westben, Campbellford

The Westben Centre for Connection & Creativity through Music is located on a beautiful 50-acre farm just 3 km outside Campbellford. The Barn, a unique timber-frame venue, features doors that open onto a beautiful meadow. It was designed to bring nature into the concert experience. Two other outdoor venues were created in 2021. Willow Hill is a natural grassy amphitheatre located north of The Barn by a pond and a grand willow tree. Audiences bring their own chairs and enjoy music while getting even closer to the beauty of nature. The Campfire is an intimate space with music, stories and campfire treats such as s’mores and baked brie. LEARN MORE

Giant $2 Coin, Campbellford

Located along the Trent River in Old Mill Park, the Giant $2 Coin was built in 2001. It features the image of an adult polar bear in early summer on an ice floe and was designed by a wildlife and landscape artist, Brent Townsend, who lived in Trent Hills. The Giant $2 Coin is 27 feet (8.2 metres) high and 18 feet (5.5 metres) in diameter. It was constructed by local metalsmith, Steve Redden, with the oversight of the Royal Canadian Mint. LEARN MORE

Campbellford/Seymour Heritage Centre

The Campbellford/Seymour Heritage Society is housed in the Heritage Centre located at 113 Front St. North. Its mandate is to foster an awareness of local history and pride in the heritage of the community of 
Campbellford/Seymour within the Municipality of Trent Hills. The Heritage Society collects archival material and historical artifacts relevant to the Campbellford/Seymour area and also has a large collection of genealogical and historical research material.

The Campbellford-Seymour Heritage Centre is open Tuesday to Thursday during July and August from 10 am to 4 pm. The rest of the year, the Centre is open Wednesdays from 10 am to 4 pm. LEARN MORE