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Heritage brochures from Campbellford, Warkworth and Hastings
Heritage brochures from Campbellford, Warkworth and Hastings

The local heritage committee has created four self-guided tours:

  • Seymour, a Driving Tour – The spotlight is on stone houses in the former Township of Seymour. Settlement in Seymour Township began in the early 1830s, and in the 1850s became the home of stone masons and other settlers from Scotland. Limestone was the common building material, creating a legacy of stone homes.
  • Hastings, an Architectural Walking Tour – Various heritage styles abound in the village of Hastings. In 1810 James Crooks named the area Crooks Rapids, and when he sold his holdings to fellow Scot Henry Fowlds in 1851, it was renamed the Village of Hastings.
  • Details, a Warkworth Walking Tour – Architectural elements (both historic and recent) are highlighted on some of the village’s more notable buildings. Warkworth is on land originally purchased from the Mississauga First Nation in 1784 for the benefit of United Empire Loyalist settlers, one of whom, Major Henry Humphries, chose Warkworth as the name in 1857.
  • Campbellford, a Tour of Designated Heritage Properties – Featured properties include several in the former Seymour Township in addition to those in Campbellford. Lt. Col. Robert Campbell and his brother, Major David Campbell, settled in an area along the Trent River in Seymour Township that later became known as Campbell’s Ford. By 1876 the settlement had grown and become a separate municipality, the Village of Campbellford. By 1906 the population had increased so much that it was incorporated as the Town of Campbellford.

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