Trails in Trent Hills Ontario

Ferris Provincial Park

Millennium Trail

Access from Main Street, Warkworth ON
Take in a panorama of tree-covered drumlins, uplands and valleys on this 2.6 km trail that meanders alongside Mill Creek. This trail is lined with 300 lilac plantings showcasing 73 unique varieties producing an abundance of blooms beginning in mid-May. The trail is one of the venues for the Warkworth Lilac Festival that begins on the fourth weekend of May.

Warkworth Millenium Trail, Trent Hills ON

Hastings Hub Trail

Connecting the Lang-Hastings section of the Trans Canada Trail to the Northumberland County section, the Hastings Hub Trail has a winter route and a summer by-pass route. The Hub Trail includes a Winter walking loop joining the winter and summer loops to form an enjoyable, flat 4-5km trail for walking and exploring the Village of Hastings.

Cycling the Trans Canada Trail

Rotary Trail

County Rd. 30, Campbellford ON
This 6 km trail is suitable for a leisurely stroll or a brisk jog. Situated along the Trent-Severn Waterway canal it reaches from Lock 11/12 on the Trent-Severn Waterway to Campbellford’s downtown. The trail also connects to Ferris Provincial Park by crossing the 300m Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge. There are benches and picnic tables available at various locations on the trail.

Rotary Trail, Campbellford, Trent Hills, Ontario

Seymour Conservation Area

Hwy. 30 South, Campbellford
Consisting of 82 hectares of woodland, this 6.5 km trail system features a meandering stream that flows through one corner and a wetland that runs through the centre of the property. A drumlin, composed of glacial till, lies to the east. There is a provincially significant oak alvar savannah plant community that exists on the property. Trail difficulty is easy to moderate. There is a picnic shelter and tables, and a privy.

Hiking at Seymour Conservation Area, Campbellford ON, Trails, Outdoors

The Great Trail

6th Line E./Burnbrae Road, Campbellford ON
Dit Clapper Way, Hastings ON
Stretching 22 km from Hastings to Hoard Station, enjoy our portion of Canada’s Great Trail. The Trans Canada Trail is the former rail track that runs east to Ottawa and North to Bancroft. Walking, biking, cross country skiing trail.

Trans Canada Trail, Campbellford, Hastings, Trent Hills, Ontario

Ferris Provincial Park

474 County Rd. 8, Campbellford ON
The Park consists of 200 hectares of woods and fields with 165  camping sites and a great network of easy to difficult trails and roads for biking, hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing or walking. Enjoy scenic bluffs and picturesque Ranney Falls on the Trent River. Keep an eye open for osprey nests and look for the Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge suspended 9 meters above the gorge.

Cross Country Skiing at Ferris Provincial Park, Campbellford, Trent Hills ON

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