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Learn about the history of the Village of Hastings and the Trent-Severn Waterway, by taking the Trail Town Trivia Tour.  Visit participating businesses, listed below, and test your knowledge.  Here’s a sneak peek at what you might learn:

“In 1920, after almost a century of construction, all of the Trent-Severn’s linkages, consisting of over 40 locks, some 50km of man-made canals, approximately 150 dams and countless areas that were altered by dredging or flooding, created a fully navigable system.  Soon thereafter, a flow of recreational boating began and continued to grow, making the Waterway a world-famous tourist Destination.”

“In 1810 William Hare, the first Crown land grant holder, sold 850 acres to Scots entrepreneur James Crooks who named the site “Crooks Rapids”. In 1835 the government began planning the Trent Canal system and by 1844, a dam and log slide were completed at Hastings. In 1851 Crooks sold his holdings to fellow Scot Henry Fowlds, an ambitious lumberman from nearby Westwood. Fowlds renamed the village Hastings. Hastings industry included grist, woolen and lumber mills.”

“This icon of the town’s manufacturing past is the oldest remaining industrial structure in Hastings and has been carefully maintained by the present owner.  With the advent of electricity in 1910, the mill was converted to hydroelectric power generation making Hastings a leader in twentieth century technology.  Renamed “The Tannery Powerhouse”, it was used by the Breithaupt Leather Company, until it closed in 1982.  The mill still has the capability to produce hydroelectric power.”

Already taken the Trail Town Trivia Tour? Here are your answers from the questions at participating businesses:

Ball Realty Ltd., Dennis Savery, Sales Representative – The year of 1875, when James Fowlds was appointed to oversee the construction of a new railway passing through Hastings.

Em’s Dollar Store and More – The year of 1871, when Fowlds Mill was built.

Royal Heritage Realty Ltd, Julie Whiteman Broker – Fowlds Mill, the oldest remaining industrial structure in Hastings.

The Grand Maple – The year of 1846, when Hastings Lock 18 became functionable.

The Water Lily – The year of 1826, when the first Hastings bridge was constructed.

If you are taking the Trail Town Trivia Tour, contact business to verify hours of operation.

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