Trent Hills – a special place

Virtual Trent Hills Visit (1200 x 800)

Even from afar

Hi, Cam Hasworth here, with another instalment on what to do in Trent Hills, but this time how to do it without being here.
Virtual experiences are everything these days, when you can’t be where you’d like to be in person.
First up is …

Local culture and cuisine scene

Westben’s Digital Concerts at the Barn series recreates what it’s like to be seated in the 400-seat timber frame barn for one of the signature events that take place every summer at its venue outside Campbellford.
The concerts kick off Aug. 15 with harpist Valerie Milot followed by “For the Birds,” on September 19, featuring actors Colin Mochrie, Deb McGrath, Chick Reid, Tom McCamus and a meadow full of dancers and musicians.
A new performance will be released each month online.
You can enjoy an evening of world-class music AND delicious local cuisine, by taking advantage of the many takeout and delivery options that are available.

Scenic landscapes and waterways

Included in Westben co-founder Brian Finley’s video of his original “Together We Stand” composition are aerial views showcasing Trent Hills communities, farms and rural areas.
The digital experience is a beautiful way to rediscover the natural beauty of Trent Hills. It’s blessed with locales that are perfect for photos. In-person visits to attractions are limited, so go online to find out what is open.

A look back in time

Virtual tours to learn about the heritage of our communities abound, if a self-guided driving tour isn’t an option. Here’s what local heritage committees have put together for you:


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